My mum’s wise words about milestones got me thinking this weekend. Big or small, serious or folly in the eyes of others, for the individual concerned they should always be meaningful. For my six year old boy this could be moving into the next Read, Write Inc. group (his goal not mine), becoming a model boating club member or defying gravity on the asymmetric bars. For my nine year old in contrast this could be mastering her next foray into song writing or memorising Scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet to wow peers at the talent contest. For those with poor health every day can be a milestone.

So what do all of these milestones have in common? They are relevant, meaningful and imbued with vision as without these qualities we have no ownership or interest in achieving them. They can help add colour to our lives, give direction and above all provide a sense of agency and achievement. Children are experts in living in the now, getting the most out of the smallest learning opportunity, yet ironically we can chastise them for this as it’s at odds with daily commitments.  Having spring cleaned my in-tray this weekend, to help ‘see the wood for the trees’, I wonder if it’s time to rethink my milestones – why wait until New Year?