No time for blogging last week what with a mountain of orders and the announcement that we had won a Slow Toy Award! The icing on the cake was confirmation that Stacking Hoops was being stocked by Selfridges, Oxford Street for Christmas!  As a non pupil day on Monday I decided to visit one of the centres that makes hoops for us, to show them our 2012 Nursery World trophy and share with them some of the great press coverage about our latest win. As you can see from the photos the members loved the trophy and were seasoned professionals when it came to posing for their novice camera woman! Here’s some photos of the least camera shy members, but thanks also goes to Pru, Mary, Sheila and all the wonderful volunteers led by OBE decorated Audrey, who together make the Centre such a special place to visit.

This week’s blog is dedicated to all the members in the Centres with which we work, without whom Stacking Hoops and several other resources, would simply not be possible. They say that a picture says a thousand words and these certainly convey their pride at being part of the team. For my part I feel that I should own up to what I get from the partnership. As well as gorgeous resources, clearly made with love and supporting a good cause which is good for the soul, visiting the Centres is like a dose of soothing medicine or warming vegetable soup, as you can’t help but leave feeling inspired, energised, grateful to be alive and humbled for what you have. If you want to hear more about the wonderful members at the Thaxted Centre check out their videos on YouTube! Thanks to the people it certainly is an incredibly special place to visit.

I’m guessing that most children will not have spent two hours of their half term visiting a day care centre but perhaps they should, as on our way home my 6 and 9 year old shared what a wonderful time they’d had talking to the people; what exciting stories they told; how genuinely interested and good at listening they are; and how nice it is to have a good old sing song of course!

Here’s a huge thank you to all the team at this and the other Centres that we work

with. I know that the members were really keen to go public with their photos and videos. Check out the videos later in the week; I think they’re amazing, but see for yourself!