In a room packed with brightly coloured plastic toys it was difficult to know what visitors to Christmas in July would make of our natural, ethical and educational resources. Nestled in the corner, the dark and dingy space was filled with gorgeous images of children at play and our signature mix of purple, multi-coloured ribbons and a natural palette. Sadly we did not make it onto the UK Mums Christmas choice list, losing out to the giants in the toy world and their branded plastic or technological offerings. But visitors to our stand seemed to love what we were doing, particularly the ethical and environmental story behind each and every product from our British-made fabric resources to the hand knitted teddies, purses and batik made in centres in the UK.

It is always great to be recognised for what we are doing within the resource side of the company, especially when we are being compared to the mass-market industry leaders. Almost instantaneously upon the close of the show, Bloggers were tweeting us to say how refreshing the resources were, ‘@PlaytoZ they were one of my favourite things. The Stacking Hoops were absolutely gorgeous. LOVED them‘.  Another Mummy Blogger emailed us directly, ‘I have to say your stall was a refreshing change after all the plastic, fake colours and electrical gadgets that were on show.

As with all shows, our senses were bombarded with the noise and heat of the room, the sheer numbers of people wanting to speak to us and the frustration of driving and unloading in London. However, it was a great opportunity for us to showcase the wonderful talents of the adults with learning and physical disabilities that make our handmade items and a chance for us to say thank you to them for providing much of the awe and wonder that makes the products so appealing and ensures they stand out in a crowded room.