Yesterday my 9 year old daughter blew my socks off – not literally of course! She had a sale with two friends and raised a “whopping” £35 in the process (her words). Not only were her powers of weather forecasting exceptional, it being the only dry weekend in weeks, but if you’re picturing an amateurish affair, think again. With gazebo decked with bunting flags; cloth covered table pleasingly arranged with various wares including a tempting box of 20p goodies; drinks and biscuits provided for customers; keenly priced goods showing excellent awareness of pricing, value and margins; and skilled negotiations and easy rapport, one couldn’t help but smile as customers were expertly enticed to the stall by well-chosen products and persuasively charmed not just of their pennies but also their pounds!  If you’ve heard me speaking at events you may know that this is not the first of my children’s sales. Inspired I guess by my business and exhibiting at events, over the years their ‘stalls’ have  specialised in selling homemade ‘perfume’ and ‘wine’, to toys, fossils and cockles, sadly inedible as found near a sewage outlet! What they share is the opportunities for bringing rich learning to life.

With the benefit of 5 days planning the well conceived marketing campaign included postering school year groups and the local area with laminated artwork; paperwork logged the process of selecting which products to source and documenting agreed prices for sale; and the full cash tin measured their success. These three 9 year olds showed huge determination in planning the event, persuading parents, sourcing sales goods and refreshments and delivering a successful and fun sale

Visiting with my 6 year old I saw in those children an excitement, energy and joie de vie which is sadly lacking in some adults. For children anything and everything can be fun, from washing-up to picking up horse poo – or is that just Granny’s special touch?  What is key is the sense of agency that they have over what they do,  when and how. On Sunday it seems they were even in control of the weather!