If you’re not of an age when you have to worry about slipping over and doing yourself an injury, then snow is simply the best. It can really bring out the child in adults. My husband had to reassure me that there would be more snow on Sunday as I was ready to wake the children up late Saturday night so that they wouldn’t miss out on christening their new sledges! There was no mistaking their feelings about snow from the huge shriek of joy as they looked out of their windows in the morning. And despite spending most of the day outside, our not so puppy dog spent the rest of the day wimpering on the window cill at the sight of all that fun fluffy stuff! Before breakfast we frolicked in the garden enjoying the footprint –free blanket of snow. I couldn’t resist leading the way in doing snow angels in the fresh snow and chasing round the garden, calf deep with my children and our ‘puppy’. I don’t think I’ve seen as many families out walking on a summer day, so why does snow make us adults so playful and keen to get outside, whereas rain tends to have the opposite effect on most adults (myself included)?

With the right clothes and most importantly the right attitude we too can embrace children’s love of all weather, seeing rain as the provider of irresistible puddles, intriguing rivulets, splashes and drips. It also offers an all round sensory experience, from the gushing coldness felt through wellies or clammy wetness from overzealous splashing; the oozing warmth of mud and its gloopy sound; the fresh smell of damp grass; the rhythmic sound of beating rain; and the dripping plops of fat raindrops. I’ve made a pact that next time it starts raining, rather than huddling inside I’m going to don my waterproofs with gusto and make the most of the abundant weather!