After two blog-free weeks thought I’d better put pen to paper. Usually full of energy I’m wondering whether the events of the last two weeks, namely my birthday followed by three shows over five consecutive days, have taken their toll! With no plans for the holiday, or work contingencies sorted, the first day of half term started well with lovely fresh autumnal weather. Ever keen to combine fun and memorable times for my five and eight year old, whilst ideally also ticking off something on my endless to-do list, a trip to see Queenie and the other gorgeous ladies at the centre that makes the wonderful teddies, scrunchies, balls and purses, was planned. It’s always so lovely to see the volunteers and team of knitters and there’s a real buzz as they catch up with their young visitors.

It’s not unusual for Queenie to break out into song, normally ‘I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts’ but today it was magical as a medley of classics from Daisy to Tipperary and How much is that Doggy to 10 Green Bottles were chorused by all the men and women at the centre, volunteers and members, together with my children. The atmosphere was festive and amazing. The adults with physical disabilities were visibly touched by the experience, the children beaming at the spontaneous choir that unfolded before them. Talking later about our favourite things in the day, visiting Queenie was my five year olds answer – not bad for a day of two trips to the park, playing with friends, a picnic and a rare meal of chicken nuggets! And if anyone was ever in doubt at the power of music to uplift spirits and build bonds, that rendition of Twinkle Twinkle said it all!